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How much does it cost to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

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Asked on November 8, 2013 12:41 pm
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2 Responses to "How much does it cost to hire a Personal Injury Attorney?"
  1. Dena Sisk Foman says:

    It doesn’t usually cost anything (out-of-pocket) to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida. The attorney’s fee gets paid out of any money you receive in a successful case. Most attorneys like Bill Abel and myself work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we get paid a portion of the settlement proceeds.

    You can watch my short video on how Personal Injury contingency fees work here.

    Contingency fees in Florida are set by the Florida Bar at 33 1/3%. In cases where the person you are suing disputes your claim the approved Florida contingency fee increases to 40%. The contingency fee amount goes down in increments if a settlement is in excess of one million dollars.

    Either way, you don’t pay any money out of pocket to the attorney – we only get paid out of any judgment (money) you win in your case.

  2. Bill Abel says:

    It only costs money if we collect money for you. Nearly all personal injury attorneys do not receive any payment or fees until your case resolves. Why is that? The Florida Bar understands that most people do not have money to hire a lawyer. Here’s a short video I recorded explaining how contingency fees work in personal injury cases where I include an example to make it clear.

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