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Lawyer Up, Moms!

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This is a link to a great article on Huffington Post called Lawyer Up, Moms!

n-WOMAN-LAWYER-large570Exhibit E. We love a good fight. Is your school planning to change the bus routes? Cancel the gifted and talented program? Get rid of Field Day? Nope. You know why? Lawyer moms. There is nothing like a momma bear with a law degree and a bee in her bonnet. We looooove writing long letters and cc:’ing everybody in sight. Know what we love even more? Testifying in front of committees. Can’t get enough of it. Oh, but you know what’s the absolute best? Calling somebody’s office every two hours until they agree to take a meeting with our newly-formed committee to oppose whatever they’re trying to do. YUM. Sure, the new School Board President has all kinds of ideas, but don’t worry. He’ll come around after his secretary quits.

Your honors, I rest. (Seriously, I’m done. Where’s the remote?)”

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