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No blazing guns or bad lawyer videos here. We record short, hype-free video answers to common legal questions that you have about filing a lawsuit in Florida. We cover common personal injury case law in areas like auto accident cases, DUI, truck, boat and motorcycle accident lawsuits, injuries from a slip or fall, property damage law, negligence, discrimination, abuse, and many others.

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Law Blog – He Said, She Said

It’s not just your word against theirs. It’s also the facts of your case and how your case facts are represented that determine the success of your case and how much a potential injury award may be. Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Bill Abel and Dena Sisk Foman take turns explaining the facts about Florida accident and injury law. No sales pressure, no silly lawyer ads, just the facts you need to better understand your options and the law.

He Said, She Said Personal Injury Law Blog


FAQ – Legal Answers

Get answers to your frequently asked questions from experienced Personal Injury Attorney Dena Sisk Foman and Bill Abel. Bill and Dena take questions you submit on our website concerning Florida civil lawsuits involving personal injury, accidents, wrongful death, property damage, abuse, discrimination and more.

FAQ Legal Answers  (Frequently Asked Questions)


Glossary – Personal Injury Law

We speak two languages: Lawyer and English. Sometimes we forget we’re speaking Lawyer when we write a blog post or record a Q&A Legal Help Video. We understand you probably don’t speak lawyer talk, so we provide a glossary of terms to translate all the legalese into plain english.

Glossary – Personal Injury Law