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Video: Shopping mall attack in Palm Beach County – Who is responsible financially if you are a victim?

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Were you a victim of a shopping mall attack in a Palm Beach County shopping mall or parking lot?

If so, you may be wondering who is financially responsible (liable) for any injuries or damages you suffered as a result of your attack. Bill Abel and Dena Sisk Foman are experienced in this area of personal injury law and Bill recently appeared on THELAW.TV’s Legal Minute with host Hana Ostapchuk to discuss the topic. In the video below Hana offers some safety tips and Bill discusses the legal liability for a shopping mall attack case.

Shopping Mall Attack Video Transcript

Announcer: “You’re watching today’s Legal Minute, here’s Hana Ostapchuk.”

Hana Ostapchuk, Host, THELAW.TV
“It can happen when you least expect it. You’ve just left the mall, your guard is down, and just as you’re rushing to your car, you’re attacked from behind.”

Bill Abel, West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney online at
“Who is going to be liable is most likely the mall itself and any security company that the mall has hired to provide security. One of the issues is how much crime had they had in the mall parking lot prior to your incident, and that comes into play because it’s whether they knew or should have known, whether they were doing appropriate actions to prevent further crimes from happening.”

Hana Ostapchuk, Host, THELAW.TV
“Park in well lit areas and if you feel as though someone is watching you or following you, contact mall security. For today’s legal minute, I’m Hana Ostapchuk.”

End Video Transcript

Another example is when you’re attacked in a dark parking lot. Here’s Bill Abel again:

Example: I was attacked in a dark parking lot, is the owner responsible for my injuries and damages?
“The owner may be responsible for your injuries or damages depending upon whether the owner knows the area is dangerous. If it’s a onetime event, then probably not. If there is a history of crime in the area that they knew, or should have known about, then that would make for liability on the owners part.”
-Bill Abel

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“The property owner’s duty is to provide a safe premises and to warn of known hazards. So, owners of property have the duty to inspect the premises on a regular basis and that depends upon the type of environment that you are talking about. Obviously, a shopping center, store, or grocery store would have to be inspected more often than a warehouse where people go infrequently. The duty depends upon why people are there and what people are doing in that environment.”
– Bill Abel

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– Dena Sisk Foman


Personal injury law video:
Shopping mall attack in Palm Beach County - Who is responsible
financially if you are a victim?

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