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Video: For business personal injury claims, what duties do owners have to light stairwells and parking garages?

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“The duties on business owners to light parking garages and stairwells would depend on the particular business. Where it’s located, the crime level around the area, but typically, lighting is usually something that is expected and something that is reasonable to expect a business owner to provide for patrons that are visiting the business.”
– Dena Sisk Foman

Additional Information about business personal injury claims and what duty owner’s have to light stairwells and parking garages

Business personal injury claims can arise when a property owner has not fulfilled their duty to maintain safe conditions such as lighting in a stairwell or parking garage. This includes customers and potential customers. This could also include people who were on the property for some other purpose (other than something that was illegal). A business typically is responsible for providing what a reasonable person would expect for that kind of business and surrounding.

For instance, a customer shopping at a mall would reasonably expect that they would be able to safely walk to their car after shopping. However, if the shopping mall has knowledge that there have been a string of robberies near the location, they are on notice that the area may not be as safe as it should be. Especially, when there is knowledge of a dangerous condition, such as crime in the area, the least that a business owner can do is provide for proper lighting as a crime is much less likely to happen.

There are other situations where lighting in stairwells, parking lots and garages becomes important. Often when a business knows, or should know, that the pavement is cracked or that there are potholes on the premises, the duty to warn and to provide light so that the dangers can be seen is incumbent on the property owner. Without proper lighting how will the invitee see the dangerous condition? There are other situations where liquids are spilled or there are slick spots on a garage stairwell, surface, or a parking lot. If the lighting is not sufficient, how will the patron be warned of the dangerous situation?

More often than is reasonable, a business will take a risk and choose to save money over providing for the safety of their customer. A responsible business owner or property owner knows that he or she owes a duty to their customers/invitees to have a safe premises, irrespective of costs and this includes lighting. If you take the monetary gain a customer provides, the least you can do is to make it safe for them to be on your premises.

Personal injury law video number 100029:
For business personal injury claims, what
duties do owners have to light stairwells
and parking garages?

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