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Video: Can any attorney represent me in a Florida Accident Case?

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Personal Injury Video Law Tip

“Any attorney can represent you in an accident case. However, accident law is just like any other area of the law, it is very specialized and it is important that you find an attorney that knows accident law.” – Dena Sisk Foman

Additional Information about: Can any attorney represent you in your Florida accident case

Make sure that you check the credentials of the attorney you hire. The lawyer’s website is a good place to start but your review should not end there. Talk to the attorney and also ask them for referrals. Search the attorney’s name on google for reviews and coverage in the press, review their social media accounts, check independent legal directories like for ratings, and your local Better Business Bureau.

It is always good to have an attorney that either has significant experience in personal injury work, defense work, or personal injury trials. The insurance companies know who the experienced attorneys are. So do court personnel and Judges. Your attorney’s reputation and standing in legal circles can impact your case. The attorney’s firm can also play a part in your decision. Personal injury attorneys are paid on a contingent fee basis (they get paid from any judgement you receive) so the attorney or firm must have funds on hand to pay all your associated case costs before you receive any money from a successful judgement.

Personal injury law video numberĀ 100010: Can any attorney represent me
in a Florida Accident Case?

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