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Video: How Can a Business Owner Provide a Reasonably Safe Environment?

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“The property owner’s duty is to provide a safe premises and to warn of known hazards. So, owners of property have the duty to inspect the premises on a regular basis and that depends upon the type of environment that you are talking about. Obviously, a shopping center, store, or grocery store would have to be inspected more often than a warehouse where people go infrequently. The duty depends upon why people are there and what people are doing in that environment.”

– Bill Abel, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer at McLaughlin & Stern LLP in West Palm Beach

Additional Information about how a business owner can provide a reasonably safe environment.

This really comes down to what type of business we are talking about. For example, a florist or nursery will likely have wet floors or ground because of all the water that is required for the plants. These businesses should have flooring that is coarse and has a high slip resistance when wet. They should also have mats in areas that are particularly damp or where patrons routinely gather. In a store that has freezers or refrigerators, the business owner should regularly maintain them to prevent water from leaking and have mats permanently located next to them in case water does leak. In order to have a reasonably safe environment, it really comes down to the business owner anticipating what type of accident will likely occur in their business environment and taking reasonable steps to prevent those types of accidents. The business owner is not a guarantor of safety, but as long as they take steps to prevent accidents that are foreseeable, they should be in good shape.

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Video: How Can a Business Owner Provide a 
Reasonably Safe Environment?

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