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Video: Can I sue my doctor for releasing my records to my employer?

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Personal Injury Video Law Tip

“Your doctor is required under the federal law, the HIPPA laws, to get a release from you before releasing your medical information to anyone, irrespective of that, your employer or any other person. Everytime that you go into the doctor’s office you are almost always required to sign a HIPAA release with the doctor and you state specifically you’re in charge of who the doctor can release your records to.” – Dena Sisk Foman

Additional Information about when you can sue your doctor for releasing your records to your employer or another party

When  a doctor releases our records to anyone, they need to have a HIPPA compliant release that enables them to release the records. However, there is often a form that you sign designating the parties who can receive your health information. The doctor can release the information to the parties that you designate. If the doctor violates the law in this regard, suit can still be difficult unless the release of the records has caused great financial harm, i.e. losing your job or loss of business due to the information contained in the records.

Personal injury law video number 100013: Can I sue my doctor
for releasing my records to my employer or another party?

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