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Video: Does your vehicle have a black box that recorded the crash?

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“Some vehicles have a black box, it depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Usually the older model cars do not have a black box. The later model cars usually 2012 and beyond may and usually it’s the higher end cars.”

– Dena Sisk Foman

Additional Information about if your vehicle has a black box that recorded your crash

Black boxes are also known formally as Event Data Recorders

The black box recorder you may have in your car or vehicle can be a very useful tool in a lawsuit (see link later in this article to quickly determine if your vehicle has a black box). The black box is typically used in accident cases to determine speed and the force of an impact

Most people that are involved in an accident think that they know the speeds of the vehicles and most, especially in high impact accidents, think that high impacts are caused by high speed. That is not always the case.

The black box can give us a good idea of how fast a vehicle was traveling at the time of impact. Several inferences about speed can be drawn from the likely speed at impact. One thing it can imply is whether or not a person slowed down before impact. We then get into other factors such as how quickly a car slows down after breaking. The seconds before and during an accident can be crucial. An expert engineer will usually make their own analysis of the force and will then compare which driver’s version of the facts make the most sense based upon the scientific data gathered from the black box.

It is crucial that when an accident occurs, that the black box data be recovered immediately, especially in total loss cases. The data can be lost or the car destroyed with the black box still in it. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident where there is a disputed issue of fault and you believe that there is a black box in your car or any of the cars, be sure you speak to an attorney right away.

To find out if you have a black box in your vehicle, review this black box reference guide “Event Data Recorder Supported Vehicles from June 2013” (links to PDF Download). Note: Some vehicle brands are shown under parent company names alphabetically (for example Acura appears under parent company Honda).

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Does my vehicle have a black box that recorded
the crash?

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