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Video: Does Florida law treat drivers who were high on illegal or prescription drugs differently than drunk drivers?

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“No, the issue with Florida drunk driving law is whether the driver is impaired, it can be from alcohol or drugs or prescription medications for that matter. It really is dependent upon whether the person who caused the accident is able to drive and sober to drive.” – Bill Abel

Additional Information about how Florida law treats drivers impaired (high) on illegal drugs or prescription medications vs. drunk drivers?

There’s no difference in terms of civil liability (monetary damages).

Whether someone is impaired while driving a car affects:

  1. whether they are liable (or responsible) for the accident and
  2. whether punitive damages can be brought against them

Florida law focuses upon whether a driver is impaired while operating their car. How they become impaired, whether by alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications, is typically not as important as whether they are impaired. Under Florida law, a driver is deemed to have driven under the influence of alcohol if their blood alcohol level is .08 or greater.

Since illegal drugs are not regulated, whether someone is impaired by illegal drugs will be based upon whether a drug is found in their body, how they performed on the field sobriety test, and other direct or circumstantial evidence.

Personal injury law video number 100025:
Does Florida law treat drivers who were
high on illegal drugs or prescription
medications differently than drunk drivers?

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