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Video: Injured by uninsured driver who is at fault?

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Personal Injury Video Law Tip

“Well, the important question here is whether you have UM or uninsured motorist coverage because that will be the determining factor on whether you can make a claim or not. If the person who injured you doesn’t have any insurance, and assuming he doesn’t have assets, like many people don’t, then you’re looking at whether you insured yourself with the UM insurance policy.”

-Bill Abel, Florida Personal Injury Lawyer at McLaughlin & Stern LLP in West Palm Beach

Additional Information about what happens when you are injured by uninsured driver who is at fault in your accident

Florida law requires that you have $10,000 in PIP insurance and $10,000 in property damage insurance. That is it. This is considered “full coverage” as defined by Florida law and it is woefully inadequate.

Injured by uninsured driver: If the person who hits you has no insurance (uninsured) and you only have the minimum required by Florida law, then you are out of luck and will not receive any money for your injuries. The only way to protect yourself against an uninsured driver is to buy UM insurance.

UM insurance is also known as uninsured or underinsured auto insurance and it insures YOU if the person who caused your accident does not have insurance or has too little insurance. This is the most important type of auto insurance to have because it is the only type car insurance that protects you, in any meaningful way, from all of the dangerous drivers out there. (PIP insurance also protects you but there are limitations with PIP insurance.)

UM insurance can only be purchased, however, in an amount equal to or less than your bodily injury limits. Bodily injury insurance protects someone else if you cause and accident and injure them. Neither UM or bodily injury insurance is required under Florida law. If the only thing you know about your auto insurance is that you have “full coverage,” you need to call your insurance company and request a copy of your declaration page, which summarizes the types of auto insurance you have. If you see than you only have PIP and Property Damage (PD) insurance, you should make sure to buy bodily injury insurance and UM insurance. UM insurance is the only way to adequately protect yourself against uninsured drivers on our roadways. It is by far the most important type of car insurance to own.

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Video: Injured by uninsured
driver who is at fault?

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