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Video: Time Limits for Injury Lawsuit in Florida Accident Case?

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Personal Injury Video Law Tip

“Yes, in Florida the negligence statute of limitations is 4 years, so that would be for an auto accident or slip and fall or other type of injury case, generally speaking. Medical malpractice cases have a 2 year statute of limitations so obviously it is very important to retain an attorney well before any time cut offs or statute of limitations become effective because otherwise your claim is barred.” – Bill Abel

Additional Information about time limits (statute of limitations) to sue for injuries in a Florida Accident Case

The Statute of Limitations is a legal term. All civil legal claims in Florida have a time limit for when a suit must be filed. If a lawsuit is not filed within that timeframe (within the Statute of Limitations), then you as the injured person will be legally prohibited from bringing a lawsuit. This affects the attorney’s ability to obtain money for you (the injured party) because most at-fault parties will refuse to offer any money if the time to file a lawsuit has expired.

The longer a case sits around the more problems tend to arise. All cases have a life to them and a natural sequence. It is important for both you as the client, and your attorney, to move the case along so it does not wilt on the vine.

There are very few ways to extend the statute of limitations. For example, in medical malpractice actions, an injured party may extend the two year statute of limitations by filing a 90 day extension with the court. Most other areas of personal injury law in Florida do not provide for extensions like this. The best course is to retain an attorney shortly after your accident happens.


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Time limits (Statute of Limitations) to sue
for injuries in a Florida Accident Case?

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