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Video: What type of evidence will I need to prove my accident case?

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Personal Injury Video Law Tip

“Well, you’ll need evidence that somebody did something wrong and that it caused you damages or injuries. So specifically, if somebody hit you in a car, you’d want photographs of the vehicle, you’d want some witnesses who could testify regarding how the accident happened that could be you, that could be the other driver, that could be passengers in your car. You’d also want medical evidence that the injuries that you’re having now are different and new from any injuries that you may have had in the past.” – Bill Abel

Additional Information about what type of evidence you’ll need to prove your accident case

In order to win your personal injury case, you will need evidence that someone did something wrong that caused you an injury. Just because an accident happened doesn’t mean that anyone is legally responsible. A party must be liable for an accident before they can be held responsible. Even when a party is responsible for an accident an injured person must prove that the accident caused an injury. In other words, the accident must be the proximate cause for the injury, which can be a new injury, an aggravation of a pre-existing condition, or an activation of a latent condition.

Finally, the injured party must have suffered damages, meaning that there are medical expenses or lost income in the past as a result of the injury. There may also be medical expenses and lost income that are reasonably expected to be incurred in the future. There may also be pain and suffering that arise from the accident and may continue into the future. When you have an accident, you need to base the legal claim on what actually happened and not what could have happened. The legal claim needs all three elements in order to prevail.

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What type of evidence will I need to prove my accident case

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