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Video: What do I need to bring to the initial consultation with my attorney in my accident case?

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Personal Injury Video Law Tip

“Anything that you have related to the car accident or to any other accident, slip and fall accident, is important to the attorney. Whether that be accident report, photographs are especially important, names and phone numbers of any witnesses, anything to do with the accident or your insurance coverage.”
– Dena Sisk Foman

Additional Information about what you need to bring to the initial consultation with your attorney in your accident case

It is best to bring everything that you have and let the attorney determine if the materials are pertinent to the case. For example, sometimes people do not bring the explanations of benefits from either their automobile insurance carrier or health insurance carrier. These documents can be very important.

For example, the explanation of benefits from the automobile carrier will usually let us know if more coverage is remaining for care. The health insurance documents allow us to put the health insurance company on notice so that the health insurance provider asserts a lien, which saves you money in the short term and will result in a higher settlement amount for you if you win your case.

The documents that are most helpful are copies of insurance coverage, pictures of the vehicles, scene or parties involved. Sometimes the view inside the vehicle tells the story and this could be helpful. I once had a case where the impact was so significant that the driver’s seat broke in half. This fact became pertinent to the case and was helpful in getting the matter resolved. If you have the police report, you should bring it with you. If you have the names of witnesses or any writings that you have obtained, either at the scene or afterwards, you should bring those with you. If you have been provided with any medical bills or records, bring those. You should bring a copy of your driver’s license and all health insurance information. If you spoke to anyone, you should make a list of who you spoke to and the substance of that conversation.

One thing that is becoming more and more a factor in cases is social media. If you see something related to the accident on social media like Twitter or Facebook, you should capture a screen shot of the reference and bring that with you to meet with your attorney.

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